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Reference: 11890A
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A 3 port directional coupler with nominal coupling of 3 dB, and 34 dB nominal directivity. Single-mode (9/125 µm)
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Reference: 25000
The Norland Fiber Visualizer is a unique instrument which simplifies installation and testing of fiber optic networks. This compact unit uses a 0.5 mW helium neon laser, with an ultra-precision optical adapter, to...
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Reference: 476
The Spectral Products CM110 is a single piece base construction, direct grating drive, and anti-backlash gearing ensure this unit is rugged and stable enough for demanding applications. Loaded with SP Optics and able...
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Reference: 11980A
The Keysight 11980A is a Mach-Zehnder interferometer of fixed delay. Used with a Keysight 71400 series or Keysight 83810B lightwave signal analyzer, it allows you to measure chirp and frequency modulation (FM) on DFB...
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