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Polarization Controllers

Reference: 11896A_025
The HP Agilent 11896A with Option 025 (Pigtailed fiber ports) is a Singlemode Fiber (SM) fibered Polarization Controller that enables to adjusts polarization and not power. It's optical fiber loop design provides all...
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Reference: 11896A
The 11896A covers the wavelength range of 980nm and 1250nm to 1640nm. The Agilent HP 11896A requires 2 connectors interfaces. Many STRAIGHT connectors are available for this Polarization Controller. Click the PDF...
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Reference: FPR01331550PP1
OZ Optics supplies a complete line of polarization rotators, controllers and analyzers to manipulate and control the state of polarization of an input beam of light and couple the adjusted light into an output...
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Reference: N7785B_021
The Agilent N7785B is a high-speed Synchronous Scrambler. It contains a polarization controller plus microcontroller based driving circuitry. This unit can operate in various modes as synchronous scrambler, SOP switch...
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Reference: MPC-101
Controlling polarization state has never been easier: This instrument has four operational modes for complete polarization control: variable speed polarization scrambling, manual polarization adjustment, polarization...
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Reference: N7782B_022_500
N7782B Benchtop PER-Analyzer 022, 500 Keysight’s N7782B series of PER-Analyzers has been designed for high speed and highly accurate testing of the polarization extinction ratio (PER) in PM fibers. The...
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