Reference: AQ6360
USD $18,000.00
The AQ6360 is the fastest optical spectrum analyzer for optical device manufacturing offered by Yokogawa. It is a cost-effective optical spectrum analyzer ideal for industrial manufacturing of telecom devices such as...
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Reference: 8163B_V2_KEY
USD $2,997.00
The Keysight 8163B Lightwave Multimeter is a basic measurement tool that provides flexible modular configuration and easy control of test solutions. This mainframe is used for optical component test.
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Reference: 86146B_006
The HP Agilent 86146B is a portable Optical Spectrum Analyzer (OSA). The 8614xx series of optical spectrum analyzers provide fast, accurate, and comprehensive measurement capabilities for spectral analysis. Built-in...
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Reference: AQ6370
USD $20,000.00
The AQ6370 is Yokogawa's high speed and high performance Optical Spectrum Analyzer for characterization of optical communications system and optical components. Thirteen built-in optical viewer analysis functions and...
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Reference: AQ6317_REF
USD $10,925.00 USD $11,500.00
The Ando AQ6317 Optical Spectrum Analyzer is the predecessor to the Ando AQ6317B renowned as the benchmark of OSAs. The Ando AQ6317 is suitable to evaluate optical devices for WDM. Wavelength Range is from 600 to 1750...
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Reference: 81625B
USD $6,495.00
The Agilent 81625B is a 5mm InGaAs optical head that connects to the 81618A or 81619A interface plug-in module that fit the 8163, 8164 and 8166 multichannel mainframe series. The Agilent HP 81625B InGaAs sensor...
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Reference: 86122A_21_002
USD $9,999.00
The Agilent 86122A option 002, 021 is a Multi Wavelength Meter fully compliant to HP Agilent specifications. The HP 86122A option 21 is fit with a flat (UPC) connector. This Agilent Wavelength Meter has a range...
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