Optical Attenuators

Optical attenuator are used to reduce the signal level to test or adapt the power to a transmitter or receiver. Our stock is mostly made of variable optical attenuators, which are tested for repeatability, range and Insertion loss at a minimum.
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Reference: HA027-20AFA1
The JDS Uniphase Programmable Attenuator is a highresolution, extended-range, programmable attenuator ideal for testing power meters and for general test and laboratory work. The attenuator has a nominal resolution of...
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Reference: HA097-20ANC4
The JDSU HA097 is a Singlemode 9/125 um optical attenuator. The JDS Uniphase Programmable Attenuator HA097 model has a wide wavelength range of 1200-1700 nm. It has an attenuation range of 100 dB and a resolution of...
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