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Mainframe and controller modules for telecom test equipment from Agilent and others.
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Reference: IQ-206
The Exfo IQ-206 with GP-IB Mainframe is an extension unit made to fit in the optical test system IQ-200. The IQ-206 is a six slot expansion unit for modules.  It connects to the IQ-203 control unit...
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Reference: AQ8201-92
The Ando AQ8201-92 is the cover panel designed to block air when a module is not inserted in a slot of a AQ8201A, AQ8203 or AQ8204. Click the PDF Specification for further information
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Reference: FOM-7900B
The ILX Lightwave FOM-7900B Multi-Channel Fiber Optic Test System meets the demands of high channel count fiber optic testing. Many modules to buy from a selection of Laser Source Modules, Dual Power Meter and...
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Reference: 8163B_V2_KEY
The Keysight 8163B Lightwave Multimeter is a basic measurement tool that provides flexible modular configuration and easy control of test solutions. This mainframe is used for optical component test.
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Reference: AQ8201-02
The Ando AQ8201-02 is a dual display controller meant to used with the AQ8201A for local control of the mainframe. Its dual screens make it particularly useful for monitoring many modules at one time. The Ando...
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Reference: PM100USB
The PM100USB Power and Energy Meter Interface is compatible with all Thorlabs C-Series photodiode, thermal, and pyroelectric sensors. This interface can be operated and powered by a PC via the mini-USB port. A readout...
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Reference: 8153A
The HP 8153A is a lightwave plug-in mainframe that can host the Agilent HP 815xx series modules. Such modules include DFB, LED sources, Fabry Perot Laser, Power Meter, Electrical Power Sensor modules to which connect...
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Reference: 70004A
The Agilent/HP Modular Measurement System is an open, industry standard controlled by a consortium. The high-performance, modular platform is especially suited for RF, microwave and lightwave text applications. The...
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Reference: PXIe-1078
The NI PXIe-1078 nine-slot chassis features a backplane that incorporates a PCI Express connection to every slot to meet a wide range of test and measurement application needs. It accepts PXI Express modules in every...
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Reference: 8163A
The Agilent HP 8163A is a multichannel mainframe designed to host all types of 815xx and 816xx plug-in modules by HP Agilent. The 8163A is the smallest mainframe in the 816xA product family. Suitable modules include...
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Reference: 8164A
The Agilent HP 8164A is a multichannel mainframe designed to host all types of 815xx and 816xx plug-in modules by HP Agilent. The 8164A is the mid size mainframe in the 816xA product family and is the only mainframe...
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Reference: AQ8201A
The Ando AQ8201A is a 10 slots mainframe designed to host the entire suite of Ando AQ8201-xx series modules. Such modules include DFB light sources, Tunable lasers (TLS), Optical Power meters, Optical Attenuators, ASE...
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