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Reference: IPD-8-F
USD $75.00
The IPD is an optical power monitoring device consisting of individual tap-integrated photo detectors. The IPD is very compact and is easily mounted on a PCB for system use. Optical properties are excellent and...
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Reference: 10701A
The Keysight 10701A beam splitter is designed for beam diameters of 6 mm or less. It reflects one half of the total incoming laser beam and transmits one half. The Keysight 10701A optic includes housing for standard...
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Reference: 47103351404301
Gould's singlemode Single Wavelength Fiber Optic 1x2, 1x4 and 2x2 couplers and optical signal splitters are used to split light with minimal optical loss from one to two fibers or to combine light from two fibers into...
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