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Motion Control

Reference: 07TRS001
Melles Griot 07 TRS 001 Rotation Stage The Melles Griot 07 TRS 001,(IMPERIAL) Rotation stage provides a smooth, precise rotation for optical components and subassemblies. Features: Continuous 360° manual...
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Reference: RB13M/M
Thorlabs' Rollerblock long-travel stage with 148-801ST micrometers provides 13 mm (1/2") of coarse travel. The coarse adjuster has a Vernier scale with 10 µm graduations for a resolution of 5 µm. This...
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Reference: ESA-C
The Newport ESA-C U-Drive controller is Newports most advanced controller for their Ultra-Resolution Electrostrictive Actuators, such as the AD-100, AD-30, and ESA-1330. With these actuators, this controller gives you...
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Reference: 17PST101
The 17 PST Series pneumatic linear precision stage provides fast, hassle-free movement of loads up to 50 kg. It is designed specifically for process automation applications in the manufacturing industry. With highly...
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Reference: PZ-150M
The Burleigh PZ-150M Amplifier / Driver is an analog high voltage power supply with sufficient power and frequency response to drive the PZS MicroStages at maximum speed. This power supply accepts zero to ±10 V...
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