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Broadband Sources

Used Optical Broadband light sources in stock: select from ASE BBS EELED and WLS. From various makers and in various band ( C-band, L-Band ... )
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Reference: AQ4310155
The Ando AQ4310 utilizes the ASE (amplified spontaneous emission) from EDF (erbium doped fiber) to provide +10 dBm (typ.) high power output for a spectral of 40 nm or more.The AQ-4310 is perfect for evaluation of...
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Reference: ASE-FL7200
the Thorlabs ASE FL7200 Broadband Source produces a broadband output spectrum of amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) ranging from 1440 to 1500 nm. The very broad output spectrum has been achieved by utilizing a...
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Reference: MAPB-1E1550FP0
The MAP Broadband Source Cassette combines the optical performance of the JDS Uniphase Broadband Source benchtop instrument with the flexibility and modularity of the MAP. Utilizing the latest advances in erbium...
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Reference: AQ8201-12
The Ando AQ8201-12 is a ASE source module designed to be inserted in a slot of a AQ8201A, AQ8203, AQ8202 or AQ8204. The Ando AQ8201-12 ASE is connectorized with FCAPC connectors. . Click the PDF Specification for...
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Reference: AQ4303B
The Ando AQ4303B is a white light source designed for evaluation of components and filters. The AQ4303B operates with a Halogen bulb and is power stabilized. A chopper motor delivers a 270 Hz square wave modulation....
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Reference: FLS220002P1ISEI
The FLS-2200 Broadband Source is a high-power SLED-based light source that covers all the main bands used in telecom applications.The high-power, SLED-based FLS-2200 Broadband Source family covers all the bands needed...
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