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Everything for data monitoring, be it Optical or RF. Bit Error Rate Testers (BERT) and Digital Communication Analyzers (DCA) are the most popular and versatile offering. We do have very specialized Analyzer in stock. As with everything in stock, we can test and calibrate.
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Reference: MP0122A
The Anritsu MP0122A is the PDH Electrical Interface Module that fits in the Anritsu MP1552B, MP1555B and MP1570A units in slot number 2. The MP0122A is used to generate North American electrical signals from 1.544M to...
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Reference: MP0129A
The Anritsu MP0129A is a mapper module designed to operate at SDH and Sonet rates 2.488 Mb/s (OC-48 or STM-16). The MP0129A module fits inside the MP1552B, MP1555B and MP1570A mainframes. This module has 2 optical...
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Reference: 70311A
The HP 70311A and HP 70312A modules are synthesized clock sources designed to operate from 16 to 3300 MHz and 16 to 1500 MHz respectively. Both modules are part of the Hewlett-Packard Modular Measurement System (MMS)...
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Reference: MP0121A
The Anritsu MP0121A is the SDH Electrical Interface Module that fits in the Anritsu MP1552B, MP1555B and MP1570A units in slot number 1. The MP0121A is used to generate SDH electrical signals from 2M to 139Mb/s....
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Reference: 70842B_optSTD
The HP 70842B eerror detector module complements the pattern generator module. The HP 70842B occupies 4/8 MMS module slot and has five Input/Output ports, two on the front panel and three on the rear panel. The Error...
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Reference: 83480A
Agilent HP 83480A Digital Communication Analyzer is a modular platform that accepts up to two plug-in modules. Integrated optical channels: include calibrated reference receivers for 155, 622, 1063, 1250, 2488, and...
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Reference: 83485Aopt034
The 83485A is an optical/electrical module. It incorporates two measurement channels, one optical and one electrical. Each channel has two selectable bandwidth setting. In the Lower bandwidth modes of 12.4 GHz,...
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Reference: 83483A
The Agilent 83483A electrical plug-in allows the user to select between 12.4 Ghz or 20 Ghz bandwidth.The electrical plug-in module provides two accurate measurement channels with user selectable bandwidths. The lower...
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Reference: AQ2200-642
The Yokogawa AQ2200-642 reduces the complexity and cost of 10G optical transceiver testing by combining bus and power control features into the same mainframe that performs Signal Generation, BERT and Optical testing....
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Reference: MP0124A
The Anritsu MP0124A is a jitter measurement module designed to operate on PDH and SDH rates 2.048, 8.448, 34.368, 139.264, 155.520, 622.080 Mb/s. This module fits inside the MP1552B, MP1555B and MP1570A mainframes....
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Reference: 83485Bopt040
Agilent HP 83485B 30 GHz optical / 40 GHz electrical module Plug-in module Compatible with the Agilent 83480A and 86100A/B/C mainframes. The HP 83485B is an optical/electrical module. It incorporates two measurement...
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Reference: 86100Aopt001
The HP / Agilent 86100A Infiniium DCA Wide-Bandwidth Oscilloscope Mainframe consist of four instruments in one. By adding up optional modules into this mainframe, the 86100A can be utilized as a digital...
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Reference: TXN133001013E03
The Intel TXN13300 Multi-Rate line of 10 Gbps Serializer/Deserializer (SerDes) transceivers is designed to provide a SONET/SDH, Forward Error Correction (FEC), and Ethernet-compliant interface between the photonic...
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