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Fiber Optics

Chromatic Dispersion Compensation Module are in stock at AssetRelay. Dispersion Compensation Module are used to reduce dispersion in optical fibers for telecommunications.
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Reference: BFA3A25U
Simbol Fiber adaptor is one kind of fiber flange, avoiding having to splice 2 fibers together or new optical connectors. It is mainly used for interconnecting two fiber connectors. For interconnecting various...
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Reference: FA5008620.7P8X
DiCon’s 60 dB Variable Attenuator is a TTL-driven component that sets attenuation levels in the 0 to 60 dB range. The attenuation level is set using a high-precision motor with either the I2C standard interface or a...
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Reference: FS7F000025200
Draka’s TeraLightTM Non-Zero Dispersion Shifted Fiber (NZDSF) has set the standard for high bit-rate, multi-wavelength transmission. Its unique optimization of effective area, chromatic dispersion and dispersion slope...
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Reference: N2001-A1
By providing up to 20,000 mW/cm2 of curing power, the Efos novacure can reduce cure times. It can also be used in a wider variety of applications than most commercially available spot cure systems. However, the real...
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