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Mechanical Positioning

We have lots of Newport second-hard parts that are like new. Motorized Stage, Actuators, Micrometer and Stepper Motor Controller. AssetRelay offers you considerable savings vs new equipment.
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Reference: 1100-05
Series 1100 rotary mounts are designed to hold Ø .50" optics.  They are accurate, inexpensive solutions to the problem of rotating an optical component and locking it into place. Double thrust bearing...
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Reference: 07TRS001
Melles Griot 07 TRS 001 Rotation Stage The Melles Griot 07 TRS 001,(IMPERIAL) Rotation stage provides a smooth, precise rotation for optical components and subassemblies. Features: Continuous 360° manual...
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Reference: 75SSC-103-02-ST
TMC's 75 Series Breadboards minimize both weight and cost. A patented manufacturing technique allows TMC to form countersunk, tapped holes in a thin top skin of stainless steel. The holes are not drilled or punched,...
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