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Melles Griot is a well-known company in the photonics field. It was founded in 1969 in Santa Ana, California. The company started as a distributor of other companies' products to later become a major manufacturer.

The founders aimed to offer a complete range of optical and opto-mechanical components for the R&D and OEM markets, promoted through a professionally written catalogue. Before the internet era, this catalogue, which could be mailed worldwide, provided the company with global exposure.

Recognizing the potential of the European market, Melles Griot opened its first European distribution center in the Netherlands in 1973. The company then started manufacturing its own products in 1979, with the opening of its first facility in San Marcos, California.

In 1981, the company expanded into the value-added manufacturing of optical systems with the acquisition of a custom optical factory in Rochester, New York. In 1988, Melles Griot enhanced its presence in the European market by opening sales offices in France, Germany, Sweden, and the UK.

The same year, the company was acquired by Barloworld Ltd as part of its scientific holdings. Today, Melles Griot is a market leader in providing enabling optical systems, vertically integrated from components through system design, manufacturing, and metrology.

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Reference: 1100-05
USD $108.00
Series 1100 rotary mounts are designed to hold Ø .50" optics.  They are accurate, inexpensive solutions to the problem of rotating an optical component and locking it into place. Double thrust bearing...
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Reference: 07TRS001
USD $177.00
Melles Griot 07 TRS 001 Rotation Stage The Melles Griot 07 TRS 001,(IMPERIAL) Rotation stage provides a smooth, precise rotation for optical components and subassemblies. Features: Continuous 360° manual...
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Reference: 17PST101
USD $180.00
The 17 PST Series pneumatic linear precision stage provides fast, hassle-free movement of loads up to 50 kg. It is designed specifically for process automation applications in the manufacturing industry. With highly...
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Reference: 07LHF007
USD $8.00
Fixed lens holders are a convenient way to secure optics for post mounting, ideal for mounting optics with a nominal lens diameter of 25.4mm with a maximum edge thickness of 12mm, and a clear aperture of 21.5mm. These...
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Reference: 17AMB503_R
USD $165.00
The cross-roller-bearing x-y-z stage with 13mm of travel in each axis is suited for a wide range of photonics applications. With a nominal working platform height of 62.5mm, this stage provides a common optical-axis...
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Reference: 17DRV005
USD $325.00
The 17 DRV 005 is sold separately and can be used in conjunction with a 17 MST 001 (and mainframe) for a linear long-travel translation stage, such as the 17 LNR 001. This high-precision stepper motor has 25mm of...
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