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AssetRelay has extensive knowlege of Burleigh products; specifically the Wavemeter line so WA1000, WA1500, WA1100, WA1600, WA7100, WA7600 and more. We have been selling used Burleigh for 20 years. As for service, for a time, Exfo (who owns the Burleigh trademark) was refering their Burleigh customers to Simbol Test Systems since they were no longer supporting the old Burleigh units. AssetRelay offers fully warrantied Burleigh units.

Burleigh Instruments Inc. was a manufacturer of electro-optical equipment located in Fishers, NY. The company was founded in 1972.
The company’s early products included gimbal mirror mounts in two sizes, various interferometers including large Fabry-Perot devices, their Inchworm motor (a linear positioning device), and piezoelectric “pushers” that gave precise motion control over small distances.

As the company expanded, so did the product line. They developed an infrared laser, wavemeters to measure laser wavelength, additional interferometers for spectral analysis, electronic stabilization systems, interference microscopes, and atomic force microscopes.

Burleigh was purchased by EXFO in 2000. The new EXFO Burleigh Products Group Inc. operated from 2000 to 2004, when it was shut down. At its peak in 2001, Burleigh employed 150 people.
As Burleigh Instruments was shutting down, ex-employees started several new ventures. One of these is Bristol Instruments, which was created in 2005 by three technical and marketing leaders from Burleigh.

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Reference: 428B
Bristol Instruments, the leader in optical wavelength measurement instrumentation, offers a family of multi-wavelength meters for WDM test applications. The 428 Series Multi-Wavelength Meter combines proven Michelson...
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