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Terra Univ. 1606-61 020501 Purge System

Model: Terra Universal 1606-61 Dual Purge System 

Manufacturer's Description:

  • Provides variable gas purge levels to maintain humidity set points
  • Provides variable-flow gas purge to block out moisture and contaminants
  • CE Marked Operates with any standard Terra Universal desiccator
  • Programmable logic gives user complete control over warning alarms and other system functions
  • Ensures a constant positive pressure inside desiccators to block contamination and moisture inflow
  • Automatically activates a high-flow purge when access doors are opened to ensure fast, effective purging of particles and moisture
  • Emits an audible/visible alarm when line pressure falls below the preset level
  • Sensor Switches #1600-49 required for control (order separately)
  • Includes low pressure alarm with LED indicator, 0-20 SCFH flowmeter, line pressure display, pressure regulator and open door alarm
  • Flowmeter, 0-20 SCFH, Pressure gauge: 0-60 PSI, Chamber sensor: 0-4" WG, factory set to 0.02" W
  • Electrical: 120/240 V, .5 A, - W, 1 P, 50/60 Hz
  • Dimensions: 12"W x 11.25"D x 7"H (305 x 286 x 178 mm) Weight: 16 lb (7257.5 kg)
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Terra Univ. 1606-61 020501 Dual Purge System.

Dual Purge™ System
Variable purge system boosts desiccator efficiency and cuts nitrogen costs.

Desiccators must be continuously purged with nitrogen or another process gas in order to ensure a controlled environment free of contaminants and moisture.

Terra-Universal 1606-61 will:

  • Cuts nitrogen waste, guards against oxidation
  • Ensures a constant positive pressure inside desiccators and other enclosures to block contamination and moisture inflow
  • Automatically activates high-flow purge when doors are opened to ensure fast, effective purge of particles and moisture
  • Operates in tandem with NitroWatch® to maintain any desired sub-ambient moisture level (down to 0% RH)
  • Guards against pressure damage to desiccator doors and seals
  • Door switches are highly reliable--rated for over 10 millions operations
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