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Phytron IXE-a-A-T Step Motor Controler

The stepper motor control unit type IXE-A or IXE"-A is connected to a power stage unit type SLS-A by control pulse connectors at the rear panel. Stepper motor control units type IXE-A or IXE"-A are used to supply 2-phase stepper motors.

At the rear panel several connectors (depending on the version of control unit) are built in: interface connectors RS232 and IEEE 488 (Option), initializer connector, input connector, output connector, A/D converter connector, D/A converter connector, encoder connector, joystick connector.

The motor connectors for wiring of the stepper motors are at the corresponding power stage unit type SLS-A.
Mains connection: 230V / 50-60 Hz

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Phytron IXE-a-A-T Stepper Motor Controller

Type IXE"-A control units are programmed and operated by a PC or a terminal PT37" connected to the
RS232 interface. The PC can also be connected to the IEEE 488 interface.
Control units type IXE"-A-T can be programmed and operated, too, by means of the built-in keyboard with
2x40 digits LCD display.
Mains connection: 230V / 50-60 Hz

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