Melles Griot beamscope-P7 Linear Scan

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Melles Griot 13 SKD 803 Silicon Detector Head

This scanning-slit beam profiler is designed to measure beams as small as 5 um in diameter.

Specifications of the 13 SKD 803:

  • Displays: Profile: x only, y only,x-y; 2-D Plot: 10,16 or 256 colors; 3-D Plot: 10,16 or 256 colors.
  • Position Measurement: Accuracy: +/- 1um or +/- 2% of measured bea diameter
  • Detector Type: Silicon
  • Detector Wavelength Range: 190 - 1100 nm
  • Beam Diameter: 5 um - 25mm (depending on slit configuration and head)
This Detector Head may only be used in conjunction with the 13 SKD 602 software and PCI card. Neither one is included in pricing.

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