Vellman Compact Switchin DC Power Supply

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Velleman PSSMV1USA Compact Switching Power Supply 10W with Selectable Output


  • Switch mode design for high power in a lightweight, compact size
  • Selectable output voltages of: 3V, 4.5V, 6V, 7.5V, 9V and 12VDC
  • Short-circuit and overload protection
  • Includes 6 selectable output jacks and 8 changeable DC plugs
  • Supply Voltage 100 to 230V AC

Essential Info

Always have the right adapter with you, the Velleman PSSMV1USA Compact Switching Power Supply comes with 6 selectable outputs with 8 changeable DC plugs for a variety electronic devices. This adapter uses state-of-the-art switching power supply and features some major advantages to your standard adapters, such as:
–Cooler running to eliminate over heating and fire hazard
–Stabilized output will prevent surges and spikes
–Short-circuit and overload protection to prevent overcharging
–Compact design, allows the charge to easily fit into your case
–Very low idling consumption


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