Single Channel Power meters

Reference: FPM-8200
The ILX FPM-8200 is a precision fiber optic power meter that provides optical power measurement from 800-1600 nm. Featuring 75 dB of dynamic range and an accuracy of 2.5%. The  unit comes equipped wit GPIB...
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Reference: AQ8201-21
The Ando AQ8201-21 is a Power Meter module designed to be inserted in a slot of a AQ8201A, AQ8203, AQ8202 or AQ8204. The Ando AQ8201-21 is connectorized with FCAPC connectors. Click the PDF Specification for further...
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Reference: 8152A
The HP 8152A display range is +30dBm to - 80dBm. Display resolution of 0.01dBm/dB Other specification relies on the properties of the optical head used.
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Reference: ML9001A
The ML9001A is a single-channel digital-display optical power meter. It insures accuracy and linearity over a wide wavelength range and greatly improves measurement reliability. It also has an improved basic...
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Reference: MOPM-B1PMH
The Multiple Application Platform (MAP-200) Optical Power Meter Module (mOPM-B1)is a second-generation power meterthat brings a range of panel mount and remote head configurationsto the JDSUMAP-200 platform.The...
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