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Thorlabs MCLS1 4 channel light source

Thorlabs' 4-Channel, Fiber-Coupled, Customizable Laser Source provides easy coupling and simple control of laser-diode-driven fiber optics. The laser source is configured to accept the fiber-pigtailed laser diodes shown below. This selection of diodes has discrete wavelengths in the spectral range from 406-1550 nm, and can be placed in the source in any combination. The laser source allows more than one channel to be turned on simultaneously; however, it is only possible to adjust the power output of one at a time from the front panel.

Each laser diode is operated from an independent, high-precision, low-noise, constant-current source and temperature control unit. An intuitive LCD interface allows the user to view and set the laser current and temperature independently for each laser. The display indicates the channel number selected, the output wavelength of the source, the operating power calculated from the laser diode monitor diode (if applicable), and the actual temperature to which the laser is set.

This device incorporates a microcontroller to fully control the laser's optical power and temperature as well as to monitor the system for fault conditions. The laser source includes a USB connection that allows remote enabling, power adjustment, and temperature adjustment. On the rear panel, analog inputs are available to modulate the laser diodes' outputs with an externally generated waveform.

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  • 4 Laser Output Channels with FC/PC Connectors
  • Independent Temperature Control Gives High Temperature Stability
  • Low Noise Output
  • USB Interface
  • Low-Profile Package, 2.5" (64 mm) Tall
  • Wavelengths are 660, 850, 1310, and 1550 nm (±15 nm)
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