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Newport Corporation was established in 1969 as Newport Research Corporation. The company was founded by graduates of the California Institute of Technology, John Matthew and Dennis Terry, who were looking for industrial applications for lasers.

Newport first gained recognition in the advanced technology manufacturing and development field for their sophisticated steel-clad, honeycomb core tables designed to isolate laser experiments from vibration.


In 1971, the first Newport Catalog was issued, which became a major sourcebook for advanced technical products and services. The company went public in 1978. Over the years, Newport acquired several companies, enhancing its product portfolio and market reach.

In 2004, Newport acquired Spectra-Physics, a laser technology leader serving customers in over 70 countries around the world.
Newport Corporation is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of MKS Instruments, Inc. and serves customers in the scientific research, microelectronics, life and health sciences, industrial manufacturing, and defense/security markets.

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Reference: 818-IR
USD $99.00
The Newport 818-IR Detector Head use the finest large area germanium PIN and is optimized for zero-bias operation to provide the low  The detector has a 780-1800 nm spectral range. The optical head...
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Reference: 8605.16C
USD $150.00
The Newport 8605.16C Combo LDD/TEC modules are designed for use in communication applications and have an internal function generator for testing systems. The user only needs to program the frequency, Imax, and Imin...
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Reference: 2835-C
USD $775.00
The Newport 2835-C Dual Channel High Performance Optical Meter is the ideal instrument if you wish to measure low/high power or energy of continuous or pulsed light sources. DC, peak-to-peak and pulse measurements can...
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