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ILX Lightwave provides test and measurement solutions 

ILX Lightwave is a market and technology leader in providing high performance test and measurement solutions for people who work with laser diodes and other photonic components. Founded in 1986 with the introduction of the first precision laser diode current source in the industry, they have continued to build from their strengths in precision

measurement and control to offer a full line of innovative instruments and test systems. Today, ILX Lightwave products include laser diode current sources, temperature controllers, mounting fixtures, optical power and wavelength meters, precision fiber optic sources, laser diode LIV testers, and laser diode burn-in and reliability test systems. They maintain their market leadership through the relentless pursuit of quality, performance, innovation, and speed. ILX Lightwave products are used throughout the world in research and development labs and production areas, wherever photonic technology is advancing


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Reference: FOM-7900B
USD $897.00
The ILX Lightwave FOM-7900B Multi-Channel Fiber Optic Test System meets the demands of high channel count fiber optic testing. Many modules to buy from a selection of Laser Source Modules, Dual Power Meter and...
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Reference: LDC-3916338
USD $397.00
The ILX LDC-3916338 3A Current Source Module fits into the LDC-3916 Laser Diode Controller mainframe. An on-board processor powers each module simplifying future module additions and accelerating performance. An...
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Reference: LDC-3916
USD $1,995.00
Available at a discount from the price of a new ilx lightwave ldc 3916 from NewPort. We have the cards you need for this LDC-3916 mainframe: LDC-3916332 Dual Current Source LDC-3916334 Dual Current Source...
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Reference: FOS-79710
USD $300.00
The FOS-79710 Fiber Optic Switch Module is designed for high return loss, low insertion loss, and excellent stability. Transparent to signal formats and bandwidths, this optically passive fiber optic switch is...
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