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JDS RM3700B-62.5 Backreflection Meter

The JDS/JDS Fitel/JDSU RM3750 Backreflection Meter is a portable, direct-display instrument used for the measurement of backreflection, insertion loss, and power of connectors, components, and systems. The meter come only with APC connectors (LC, SC & FC adapters are sold separately) for the detector port and can be equipped with one or two built-in laser sources: 850, 1310 and 1550 nm for Multimode units and 980, 1310, 1480, 1490, 1550, 1625 & 1650 nm for singlemode units. This JDS RM3750B is the previous model number and equivalent to the RM3750+1FA7 in terms of functionnality and specs. This Singlemode RM3750B comes with 1310/1550 nm sources c/w FC/APC connectors.

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JDS RM3750B Backreflection Meter. RM3750B is equivalent to previous model RM3750+1FA7

Specifications at a glance for the RM3750B

  • Operating wavelength: 1310 nm ± 20 nm, 1550 nm ± 20 nm
  • Backreflection range: 0 to -75 dB
  • Relative accuracy (backreflection): ± 0.4 dB
  • Detector type: 2 mm InGaAs
  • Power sensitivity: -70 dB
  • Optical power measurement capability: -70 dBm
  • Fiber type: Singlemode
  • Output connector: FC/APC
  • Remote Interface: RS-232

Please note you will need one Detector Adapter AC Type. Not included

  • AC101: FC
  • AC103: SC
  • AC118: LC
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