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Ando AQ7250 SM Fiber Mini OTDR

Today's users demand the accurate transmission of extremely high-quality signals, so it is essential to use superior optical fibers. It is also vital to conduct accurate loss measurements when laying and maintaining optical fiber cables, and when checking for faults.

In addition to being capable of measuring loss and detecting faults in optical fibers, OTDRs must be compact and lightweight for easy handling in the field, and able to complete measurements quickly.

The mini-OTDR AQ7250 and optical unit meet all these requirements for building and maintaining optical fiber systems, as well as manufacturing and inspecting optical fiber material.

Compact, lightweight, and battery-powered, the AQ7250 offers a range of functions and capabilities ideal for field use. Its exceptionally wide dynamic range is particularly effective for measuring lines over long distances, as well as lines with heavy loss. In addition, an improved measurement algorithm drastically reduces measurement processing time.

A wide range of optional equipment enables a single unit to be used for measurements on a variety of optical fiber lines. An optional high-speed printer or optical switch unit, as well as a visible light source or optical power meter can be installed on the main unit of the AQ7250. This eliminates the need to carry several measuring instruments on a single field mission.  This mini-OTDR, like its predecessors, has a large, viewer-friendly color screen and a 3.5-inch floppy disk drive as standard equipment.

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AQ7250 requires optical unit to function as an OTDR. Ask about our AQ7254B.

Display 7.2-inch color LCD (640x480 dots)
Horizontal axis Full-scale 25m, 50m, 125m, 250m, 500m, 1km, 1.25km, 2km, 2.5km, 5km, 10km, 20km, 40km, 80km, 160km, 240km (Varies according to unit)
Shift 0 to distance range
Resolution Sampling resolution: 50 cm/min
Sample data count 20,000 points max.
Distance accuracy ±(5.0 x 10-5 x measurement distance in meters + 1m)
Group refractive index 1.00000 to 1.99999, in 0.0001 steps
Vertical axis Distance measurement Displays the relative one-way distance between any two given points, in two ranges on the waveform, in eight digits.
Scale 0.2 dB/div., 0.5 dB/div., 1 dB/div., 2 dB/div, 5 dB/div., and 7.5 dB/div.
Shift 0 to 68 dB
Read resolution Max. 0.001 dB
Loss measurement Displays one-way lossesin steps of 0.001 dB to a maximum of 5 digits.  Displays the relative one-way loss, loss per unit length, and splice loss between any two given points in two ranges on the waveform.
Automatic measurement function Provided
Return-loss measurement function Return loss: calculated as the difference between the backscattered and reflected light levels.  Total return loss:  calculated as the attenuation of total reflected light in relation to total emitted light.
Memory Floppy disk (3.5-inch, 2HD) Can store up to 999 screens (screen mode) and measruement conditions.
Others Optional: PCMCIA hard disk card, IC memory card
Interface Serial 9-pin D-sub
  Keyboard/mouse 6-pin DIN (Type PS/2)
  PCMCIA card slot PCMCIA Type II x 2 or type III x 1 for memory, or hard-disk cards
Power requirements Battery Ni-MH (not functional but included)
  AC adapter AC100 to 240V, 50/60Hz
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