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Keysight 81608A TLS High Power O band

The Keysight 81608A Option 113 Tunable Laser Source High Power O-band offers the full wavelength range from 1240 nm to 1380 nm. Investing in the Keysight 81608A Option 113 TLS can realize the cost efficiency and performance required for volume testing of components for coarse and dense wave-length division multiplexing (DWDM, CWDM), and passive optical networks (PON).

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This Keysight 81608A Option 113 Tunable Laser Source High Power O-band features the following: 

  • Fits into the bottom back-loadable slot of the Keysight 8164B Lightwave Measurement System mainframe.
  • Has continuous-sweep functionality, scanning the wavelength at a fixed rate while triggering wavelength logging and external devices at a chosen interval.
  • Support stepped sweeps, during which the wavelength successively advances by a chosen interval and dwells at each step for a desired duration before the next step.

  • Offers a peak output power of more than +12 dBm, at least 75 dB/nm above its SSE level.
  • Features a typical wavelength repeatability of ±1.5 pm at two-way sweeps up to 200 nm/s.
  • The laser’s balance of features, performance and price makes it suitable for both, coherent transmission experiments and cost-effective manufacturing-floor component testing, especially for CWDM and other wider-band devices.

  • Combined with very low SSE levels, Option 113 is ideal for testing wavelength filters for O-band CWDM components, such as for 100G and 400G Ethernet standards



Wavelength range1240 nm to 1380 nm (Option 113)
Maximum output power

> +13 dBm peak 1 > +11 dBm (1290 nm – 1340 nm) > +10 dBm (1260 nm – 1360 nm) > +5 dBm (1240 nm – 1380 nm)

Minimum output power setting

0 dBm

Wavelength resolution

0.1 pm (17.5 MHz at 1310 nm, 14.3 MHz at 1450 nm, 12.5 MHz at 1550 nm)

Continuous tuning range

Full wavelength range, mode-hop free

Tuning time (characteristic)

1/300 ms (1 nm step, max. output power) /  1.5 s (100 nm step, max. output power)

Continuous sweep range

Full wavelength range, continuous power during sweep

Max. sweep speed

200 nm/s, bidirectional

Side-mode suppression ratio (SMSR) (typical)

 ≥ 70 dB 3 ≥ 60 dB 4

Relative intensity noise (RIN) (typical, 0.1 to 6 GHz)

< -150 dB/Hz

Signal to source spontaneous emission ratio

nm ≥ 85 dB/0.1 nm

Signal to total source spontaneous emission ratio

≥ 70 dB

Linewidth (typical), coherence control off

> 50 MHz


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