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Agilent 81989A Tunable Laser (S+C band)

The HP Agilent 81989A option 072 is a Polarization Fiber (PM) fibered Tunable Laser (TLS) with Mode-hop free and built-in wavelength control.The output power is continuous power on during tuning. The 81989A covers the wavelength range 1465 to 1575 nm. The Agilent HP 81989A has 1 output: power output at 14.5 dBm. Many angled connectors are available for this TLS.

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Agilent 81989A opt 072 high power compact tunable laser. It is a single slot plug-in module for Agilent 8163A, 8163B, 8164A, 8164B, 8166A and 8166B Mainframes.

Specifications at glance for the 81989A

  • Wavelength range: 1465 nm to 1575 nm
  • Wavelength resolution: 5 pm, 625 MHz at 1550 nm
  • Mode-hop free tunability: full wavelength range
  • Tuning time (typ.): 3s for 100 nm
  • Absolute wavelength accuracy: ± 100 nm
  • Maximum output power: > +14.5 dBm peak (typ)
  • Maximum output power from 1525 nm to 1575 nm: > +13 dBm
  • Maximum output power from 1465 nm to 1575 nm:  > +10 dBm
  • Fiber type: Panda
  • Orientation: TE mode in slow axis, in line with connector key
  • Option 072: PMF, angled contact output connector

One Agilent 81000xI-series connector interface is required and not included.

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