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HP 8167B Tunable Light Source OPT003

A tunable laser source is a laser source for which the wavelength is not fixed.The Agilent Hewlett-Packard tunable laser sources also allow you to set the output power, and to choose between continuous wave or modulated output power.The Agilent HP 8167B tunable laser source work at 1300 nm transmission window. A built-in sidemode filter ensures that a true single-mode laser line is generated for every wavelength point, eliminating any possible multimoding. Independent control of the instrument parameters ensures that the output power stay stable over time and wavelength. In manufacturing applications, the instrument can be integrated into a fully-automated production test environment for precise, fast and repeatable testing. In a manual setup, single or dual channel loss, return loss and coupling ratio measurements can be performed using the internal software.

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Agilent HP 8167B Opt 003 Tunable Laser Source


  • Wavelength Range: 1255 to 1365 nm
  • Wavelength Resolution: 0.001 nm
  • Optical Output Level: > +4 dBm (typ.)
  • Fiber Type: 9/125 µm SMF

Additional Information

  • Spectral Linewidth: 100 KHz (typ., coherent control OFF); 10-500 MHz (typ., coherent control ON at 1260-1360 nm)
  • Optical Power Stability: ± 0.03 dB
  • Wavelength Accuracy: ± 0.1 nm

Options for the 8167B:

  • Option 003: built-in optical attenuator, 40 dB attenuation
  • Option 007: Polarization maintaining fiber, Panda-type, for straight or angled connector types (cannot be combined with option 003 or 023).
  • Option 021: straight contact connector
  • Option 022: angled contact connector
  • Option 023: Diamond HMS-10/HP/HRL angled, non-contact connector (cannot be combined with option 007).
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